Episode 45

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7th Apr 2021

Schumann Resonance. What You Need to Know + Why If You're Feeling Off, You're Not Alone!

Have you been feeling a little off lately? Perhaps you're experiencing low energy, restlessness, fatigue, headache or lack of motivation for no apparent reason? Well you’re not alone! Schumann Resonance, also referred to as Mother Earth's Heartbeat, has been intense lately.

In this episode, I share the basics on Schumann Resonance and what you need to know. In a nut shell, Schumann Resonance is the measurable peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum. Basically the energy from lightening strikes in our ionosphere. (According to NASA, there are 2000 lightening storms on our planet at any given time.) But that's just part of it. This Earth energy frequency is about 7.83 Hz when in balance which is in the same range as our Alpha brain waves, the ones that make us feel relaxed and dreamy. Thats great... unless they are out of balance. I don't want to bog you down with too much specific science, but give you just enough to understand the facts, symptoms, how if can affect you, and what you can do to about it. Knowledge is power!

Since we are biologically created on Earth and we know that energy is energy is energy, ( in other words everything is connected ) then when the Earth's energy is off...so is ours.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Spend time in nature, ground yourself, go for a swim
  2. Listen to Schumann Resonance tone. (Google sound machines, or find on Youtube. It's also the same tone as "Om" by the way.)
  3. Take a Epsom salt bath and/or meditate
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!

The Good News!

The Earth is going through an ascension, and it's going to be more important now than ever before in history to be in tune with your energy fluctuations and take care of yourself! The global consciousness is rising and we want to rise with it! Great things will be coming, from increased inspiration, and feeling connected, to more synchronicities and ah-ha moments! Later in the season I will be interviewing a spiritual Schumann Resonance expert on all you need to know. We will get into daily trends, what to expect , and what ascension actually means.,

This is just the appetizer. If you like spiritual side and want to know more, check out my episodes on Starseeds and Lightworkers.

Weekly Mantra:

"I am worthy, I am enough, and I am embrace my power."

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"You are worthy, you are enough, and you were born to be happy."

~ namaste

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